Hey, Neighbors! Get The Family Moving And Dancing In Your Own Front Yard!


There are rules to follow to be sure everyone has a great time and stays safe, so please SCROLL DOWN to read "How It Works" below!



Music to get the kids & the parents dancing. There is nothing like a good slide or shuffle to get the heart pumping with an Interactive DJ



Time to get the family trivia hats on and see if you can outsmart your neighbors! See which family will win the "Name That Tune" Challenge and more!



Turn your cell phones into a virtual bingo card. We'll play the song and if you know it, digitally ink it. 

Which family will yell out BINGO first?

How It Works

COVID-19 Regulations

COVID-19 Regulations

COVID-19 Regulations

As you know, keeping social gatherings to a minimum is currently required. We want you and your family to be safe while also having some fun and we can help!

DJ Set Up

COVID-19 Regulations

COVID-19 Regulations

I will set up my speakers in the middle of your street at a safe distance from you and your family. You will hear all the music and directions coming from my microphone and speakers.  30 minute dance set. 

Family Set Up

Donations Appreciated

Donations Appreciated

Requires a minimum of 4-5 neighbors and houses near each other with kids from K-6th grade. The games and music are geared towards that age group. You and your family will come outside and stay in your front yard to use as your personal dance space and game area. You can compete and yell over at your neighbors next door as loud as you want! This will be the best block party EVER!!

Donations Appreciated

Donations Appreciated

Donations Appreciated

I am providing this service for FREE during this unusual time we are experiencing together.  My DJ income has come to a complete halt so donations are welcomed.

Venmo:  @Joe-Rivera-156 

Paypal: Joe@ClassyFun.com

About Me


Master of Ceremonies & DJ

My name is Joe and I have been a DJ for over 25 years. My speciality has always been celebrating family events in the Cypress and surrounding communities. Now, more than ever, we need each other. Let's have Safe Fun with our family & neighbors A joyful celebration is what's going to get us through this! 

Social gatherings are the lifeblood of my business and Covid-19 has halted my industry.  I thought that now is the time for us to celebrate and enjoy moments with our families and neighbors. Since school is not in session, the kids are stuck on their phones and in their rooms, driving us parents mad, LOL.

Let's get everyone outside for some fresh air and fun!  

Don't let social distancing keep us apart. 

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